Posted: August 23, 2014 in LOVE

Dad please!
It’s not me but that feeling
The feeling I find when she is next to me
I didn’t use my simple mind only for the decision
The decision I have taken but I apologize
Must I have denied you an opportunity to decide
for your precious son? I must be sorry.
But, for my holy and fragile heart…
But the soul and passion that dialed in me that last time and now, has judged us.
Time is changing like your age does every year Dad, I won’t divert too much,
From the customs dad, but the foods we eat today need to be accused.
You still remember the neighbour; and what about the books I read!
Hope the writers never thought that they were writing for the future, the years that I live in now
Dad, there is no long and tiresome journey like unmeant, unbelievable and unimaginable and unimaginable relationship,
Then Dad, why should you sell my heart, you know it’s fragile, why? Why Dad?
Dad, why should you sell my passion, the passion that has a switch! Only a switch; Dad it’s only a …
Dad why should you trade my soul, it’s meant to rest in my heart, my heart alone.
The fetus out of the womb, Can’t be replaced
Soon my body will wrinkle, wilt welcomes it.
Dad! Dad you can’t really fit in my shoes.
Age and time
My age is for today
Join me, and we live it
Dad, I am sorry
I love her.

Roggers Akanyijuka


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