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Posted: August 23, 2014 in LOVE

Dad please!
It’s not me but that feeling
The feeling I find when she is next to me
I didn’t use my simple mind only for the decision
The decision I have taken but I apologize
Must I have denied you an opportunity to decide
for your precious son? I must be sorry.
But, for my holy and fragile heart…
But the soul and passion that dialed in me that last time and now, has judged us.
Time is changing like your age does every year Dad, I won’t divert too much,
From the customs dad, but the foods we eat today need to be accused.
You still remember the neighbour; and what about the books I read!
Hope the writers never thought that they were writing for the future, the years that I live in now
Dad, there is no long and tiresome journey like unmeant, unbelievable and unimaginable and unimaginable relationship,
Then Dad, why should you sell my heart, you know it’s fragile, why? Why Dad?
Dad, why should you sell my passion, the passion that has a switch! Only a switch; Dad it’s only a …
Dad why should you trade my soul, it’s meant to rest in my heart, my heart alone.
The fetus out of the womb, Can’t be replaced
Soon my body will wrinkle, wilt welcomes it.
Dad! Dad you can’t really fit in my shoes.
Age and time
My age is for today
Join me, and we live it
Dad, I am sorry
I love her.

Roggers Akanyijuka



Posted: August 23, 2014 in LOVE

Her time in my world!
The sensory of passion, denies me thinking
The instincts of her touch guarantee me to surrender
The strength and power in her words, gets me weaker than cotton
Her works build thousands of mountains of memories to remember
For now, my mind is a great-grandfather of thoughts
Yeah- is the vocabulary tone when she is inquisitive
What she says and you get hurt, is the food to my soul
Mind you, she is my love
Am cavernous without her
I know she knows that for that is certitude.
Pity me only, because the tale is for the veteran
The veteran of the subject I address
They all carried that same thought for me
But soon they all became buried
Buried in the unseen thief
The sweet sickness
That soothes the woolen heart
With a gentle breath in the blood stream
It secretly poisons the mind
Breeding the weakness of man
The strength of a woman
A single Adam’s lib



Roggers Akanyijuka


Posted: November 26, 2013 in LOVE


They are only the shutters of my heart that can reveal to you how much pain strikes across the ridges of the befallen heart at the end of its bottoms.

That Can Comfortably Tell How Much I Love You.

It’s just to say that weighs light, but the passion weighs to bend the integrity of the mind, heart body and soul were emaciated dry. Never it was the case before though, after the declaration of my eyes on you, triggered thoughts beyond my command and caught right the rigidity of my humbleness.

Now, am too flexible to abide by your site.

Save the spirit that carries my pride if you must redeem it. Cast out the worries from my manner with your genuine acceptance to regard and behold the bleeding heart for your care. Should there be time to mediate, then there is no life in me.

Why? No credible reason for that!

The cries of love sound neutral but its true they are sided only like this that is true love meant to dance the melodies of your haunting name across oceans and seas of loneliness shadowing glory, joy and merriments due in your presence.

Slow and composed peace of mind

I can’t sing but the tears say it all. The voice so porous, as if it is of the wilderness. But that’s the power in you that sooth and blades it so. Pity was said for me albeit, whenever, your love manifested and tiled the reason for my living as you.

How I wish my heart spoke like now!!!

It would say it all, how I Love You.

Too weak not for anything but you

You and you alone,

the melody in my mind,

flowing it own way, remember,

True love is natural.


Posted: November 23, 2013 in LOVE

Love With Out Love.

Loving and not being loved
Adds ages to a young man
It’s more like pushing an over weight wheel barrow
At the slope, its so fast and light  but the reverse is true
A wheelbarrow without a wheel
Pushing it at a cost,
Enjoying the massage of your expense
It encourages you to push harder
Even when the back is broken and breaking
Breaking in its lover’s pleasure, I lived to be taught and taught how to teach
Think twice and cast a vote
You are doomed young man
Rise and walk if she can’t walk her talk.

I pray that they never Know me.       The revolutionary teacher.

Allow not the talk to walk you

just because the bat can’t see during day;

she can’t squash  your feeling forever

Move on

..Roggers Akanyijuka.