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Bearing a difficulty or two may diminish your viewpoint and the style of life one lives however you need to remain yourself, focused and determined to stride to the top of the bumpy mountain. the reason behind this is because you are meant to be a victor. There is no time when God gives you a mission big enough for you not to handle without showing you its feeble point.

Life is as tricky as the world its self and the earth with their enormous depressions here and there. Ages are not built but lived and likewise success is not received as manner from above but built each moment a dream is put in to zealous and realistic experience. Therefore be your real self and labour towards motivating your soul with immense recompense of your sweat, through correcting your faults and building vehement walls of the community around you. Words and thoughts will never push you farther but with the fanaticism to achieve and practicability of your dreams unveils the fruits at your destination in life.

A man that sees no challenge in life has predominantly premature brains to sort bad from good or even retain his success in life. We ought to receive challenges with joy and plan a way through than pilling them under our pillows even by never assuming that they exist. Begin working on a challenge before it works on you because it knows where to faucet. Easily achieved benefits shall always be short lived because they do not teach us a lot on how we have gained them, how we can gain more and uphold the little. This is a vital reason as to why prosperity does not come on silver or a golden shield. People need not be given but be taught how to get the grain and to embrace any opportunity that comes their way.

Avoid stress by hard work and be realistic in life, fine dream big, start small and act quickly is the tone of a successful man. I will never stop thinking to better this best that I now own. Life is an endless journey with numerous junctions one after the other and how you choose a new route at the junctions, sources pain in your heart or shadows it for good. Keep it a simple life and don’t mind about living partially like I do.



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Her time in my world!
The sensory of passion, denies me thinking
The instincts of her touch guarantee me to surrender
The strength and power in her words, gets me weaker than cotton
Her works build thousands of mountains of memories to remember
For now, my mind is a great-grandfather of thoughts
Yeah- is the vocabulary tone when she is inquisitive
What she says and you get hurt, is the food to my soul
Mind you, she is my love
Am cavernous without her
I know she knows that for that is certitude.
Pity me only, because the tale is for the veteran
The veteran of the subject I address
They all carried that same thought for me
But soon they all became buried
Buried in the unseen thief
The sweet sickness
That soothes the woolen heart
With a gentle breath in the blood stream
It secretly poisons the mind
Breeding the weakness of man
The strength of a woman
A single Adam’s lib



Roggers Akanyijuka


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I went down town a week ago and the young man I last met eleven years happened to meet my sight again. We talked of the numerous past sweet memories but I held to no more bitterness in his eyes, as I rolled fluently tapping his shoulder and rather twisted in his ears a smooth warm inquiry minding the mood ahead on my eye blink.

Born from a wealthy womb gave him more than he was born with, so, were they his? I had known Peter, the proud in and out even there and here and up and down. He bought no words expensively neither were they, in his mouth no matter the patient’s ears of the dark night in their hearts. Even the waters of the river galloped and took record when ever Peter stood by. My grandmother respected him with fear, this was a mental command no wonder. Peter became famous in goats, cows, pigs, and dogs knew him but never took a spear for the field, a killer on table I remember, poor lazy body.

moving on,

“The spoke” of the wheel of his life were rusty strong at his age, my God, Peter knew no potholes and slippery high ways, what of the dusty roads, just walked on like a calamity. unfortunately,  I missed the ceremony when our lifeless villagers throw the roof of Peter’s family to hell or heaven, God knows. The vigil I did not attend was also very absent at a reach man’s palace, not because it would make the compound untidy, who could bring the dirt anyway? That marked the start of burying Peter’s father with him, but think of their everything as well.

There were no curses bestowed on the aging body of the young man, mean while I treated the people of God, as I would wish them to do to me, my mind became men in the boy’s structure, my friend paid the cost what’s so ever to get the opposite of my achievement. Today teaching tomorrow, I could not repeat more classes with him after two years of unproductive victories. That was the junction finally as it happened with Gipil and Labong

The busy street, mindful of my pockets a stranger softly sought to carry my light bag, very unfamiliar to the destructive face and  voice, it must be the usual street struggle, I quickly thought. Not bothered,  my legs carried on as I figured a concept.

Things are what you make them today, critically my left brain told me that that was someone I knew, carried in a day dream, it was not a movie in slow motion. Peter!!! my mind recollected and Peter was no more, wasted the tresses of his own life. The soft life had become a hard rock that hit Peter so hard on his forehead. A man should lament once and never in life, is Life a teacher?

“A scar  heals a wound but a wound does not heal a scar”

The Chat with Peter

The troubled are the many though those that struggle to abandon the race,

are the most few, they have lost hope and life seems to be entering a chimney,

in real sense, that is mythical. You have the future with you, but how to live it, hopelessness is a fast killing epidemic,

you can catch a another breath after drowning, it’s not that the world has left you, no, you are just letting it pass you every new day, the day that comes with the new you and the new environment, but your mind set must catch up as well.

Social judgment is not an attachment to your abilities, reality and personality;

disapproving it is victory, honoring its perspective and reading your own bible no matter their faith is the etiquette of the successful.

You must forget the past and build the future, it is now your life not anyone else’s.

Start now with that that is available if nothing there is, you are and God is the key

-a changed man, is a reason for a better world-

Thoughts of Alex Taremwa


The ongoing speedy and controversial trial in the High Court of Jackie Uwera is a clear demonstration of the influence and special status enjoyed by Rwandese in Uganda. The accused is facing murder charges involving the death of her husband Juvenal Nsenga. The accused caused death to the deceased inJanuary 2013 when the car she was driving rn over her husband at the gate of their family house in Kampala.The deseased was a son of Donat Kananura – an influential Rwandese tycoon in Uganda. Donat Kananura has a country home at Butogota in Kanungu District. He owns a chain of powerful business entities in Uganda under KENTRACO (U) LTD which he jointly owns with another influencial Rwandese tycoon Faustin Mpundu. He played a major role in the financing of the RPF invasion of Rwandato topple the Hutu doinated regime of Habyarimana.

The deceased fell in love with the accused in…

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Thank you Grace the rib needs you by its side,

My light is too deem,

The shadow is contentedly strong please!

A friend indeed I am proud you mount to it,

Design my future lets unit for gold,

Attractive but tricky I have found them,

Enjoyed me for their better will,

Thank you we trade the same soul,

The market is nasty – the buyer is words,

He is words, the bridge breaks,

A melody in their hearts,

The desert welcomes us,

My light is deem silent Grace,

Over whelming wind for my one candle but you hold it,

Am I worth a prey?

Keep me under your wings, for you I won’t scratch,

Man is flesh and a better lion among men,

The credit of my tears is in Grace

Mysteriously light on my heart,

I will keep you close,

You have proof of being the crux and that pillar of the out side-inside fractured life,

Grace, its only there we will reach,

If your heart ice? Mine will stop melting,

The two in us,

Let’s light this shadow,

You behold I will stand,

But I can’t leave you,

Bye to the…,

The future is clean, I behold you stand,

Watch my breath as I watch your own,

God is just and polite,



Akanyijuka Roggers



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Always at a junction in man,

Just like his two swinging hands

No wonder one is hidden from the other

Bargains and disguises for the other

The day and night make one day but light differently

You tell much of me but I am my heart

It candles the shadow of the rocky heart

Preaching the gospel doesn’t live it

Where could the world be with my true self?

Too hot but its cold

Rough dwells with slippery smooth now

We all know dust and mud

Still with courage to hold on

You defend the heart even when it has it wrong

The judges boil but you speak out first you the tongue

Do you know that you are the gate keeper of who I am?

So consoling and comfortable, oh! the foundation is filthy

 Blows and sinks but its sandy than core rock

You have miss led me and neglected them of who I am

They have taken me and build me cantles in heaven in a minute in your leadership tongue

Making the impassable passable and latter the former

Why do they say what they say when ever?

There is a lot under it albeit the river water is calm

Questions and answers are retained to the heart but we are always answered

Patient and impatient they are named

The river and the backs they live

The inside and outside will stay poles apart.

The two are the same IN God

The products are thinned

Truth is in hell told for heaven

Trouble is a pillar of the two

The tongue and the heart

The beginning and the end

Life and death

Too one but two.


Akanyijuka Roggers

















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Full of jam

Hills all over

Betrayals and depressions

Temptations and ill points

No mercy it some times feels

Anger in place of calmness

Inhumanity bought kindness

Same choice in the jungle of life

The shrubs may be too thick but penetrate-able

Guilty am taken than innocent because they are in charge

Valleys oil the pace and give hope they don’t guarantee it

Tears for joy though its coming first may mount you snuffles

Giving up holds you back and you let your lack out

Smooth at the end, too rough in the course and to rocky at the start is life some times

All looks simple, but never take it for granted

Failure to start is locking the achievement gates

Experimenting what it takes is for the wise

Fools complain for the little they have not even labored for

Life hangs tagged around us

Nothing comes as dreamed

Cheap popularity gains me enemies and undresses me of my ambition

Courage leads me on

Passion and focus will give you pride but it alone denies you the rest

We are all brothers and sister, unity is the agenda for triumph

Speaking less than they worked, put my grand ahead of us

Minding its own business keeps the river flowing the same directions thus lakes and oceans

The peace of heart is what I work for

Very self contended has separated me from trouble

Trouble is met for me man

Avoiding it is not the way to go but facing it with reality keeps me neutral and strong

Am not too good but I don’t know too much of bad for you

Reading my friends matters for me

Friends who do not benefit you are parasites

Nature and nurture are all human

Self drive gives reason to appreciate your hard work

First things fast like the stairs in me stand out

Pity for others draws them to me but remember who my friends are

Come with me only if you respect time and your self

Simple and precise is my game

Challenges are once and for good in a while lessons

Knowing my ancestors draws alight at my destination

It is either good or bad so I distinct when ever

Too late to judge but a keen listener

Speaking less and sense keeps the love for my word

Not every thing is too good for life choose light or darkness

Each day has it’s own songs for me

I don’t blame any one but my self as long as I was there

Correct mistakes than covering them up for the next day

The praise don’t make you far better but make sure you keep them

Am never the best but I work and think to my best

Do they feel your impact where you are?

My absence is felt for my contribution only when it’s necessary

Thanks to God I can’t forget Him

Faith love and patience trend with me

Hope and trust break the doors through

Tough times today are better than when they come tomorrow.

Loving what I do is fountain to my victory

Carrying peace for all is my dance

I don’t care what they have for me but I expect the best

Life is at the axis

To day is today and the other days will definitely differ

I welcome joy only when it’s due

Pity me if you must

Evil isn’t a good Choice


Love and trust will build nations..

Akannyijuka Roggers