Out of the Mines!

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Individual Decision

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Do not wait for the moment when the coffin asks mourners why the tears? If there is a mountain before you, yes make it a gold mine and slowly it will be go. It’s only you that will live with the after effects of your decision. IMG-20180331-WA0018Please bare the weight of your head and walk straight to that door to start a new web of solutions. Life is your candle, you can either decide to light it and work towards keeping it lit, or blow it and face its sharp edge.

Break Through the Rock.

Life Pillar!

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Life Pillar!

Your future prospects are well known by your self, your motive and purpose in life are entirely pivoted on your will and zeal to achieve your soul dream in life.

Your dreams either reflect or refract your potential to turn your life around. We can’t carry on seeing challenges as problems because our establishment breeds the later. Gather your efforts and see them at your back, that way they will always and forever be opportunities.

The true goal of survivors is how their day ends, but for they, the victorious, they mind about how today builds constrictively their tomorrow, thus their great future.

Break Through the Rock!


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No greater gift to give than that sincere love, the love that is beyond the gorgeous smiles, the treasure of humanity, knot-hard tender for a mature relation ship. It is not sought, it dwells simply.

Break Through the Rock!


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No one can win a battle of your determination, No one is capable of determining your next luck (except God) and above all no one has a share in your life! What you hope and think you are, is exactly who you will be forever until when you have no choice but grey hair. Be rich in thought and self esteem, Know that you are better but accept to learn. Forget the rest and remember that;
No one is laying a corner stone for your success, that is a “must” that you do your self, not later, but now!
Break Through The Rock

Your Social Life!

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While visiting the “pot holes” I rode through in trying to meet the meaning and demands of a young man, just like I am. It was at one time vivid to me and to my sentiments that social life and a mare journey to prosperity are a married definition of a successful man. if it does not really make sense,you are just one “knock” away from the truth. Just asking, who are you in society?          Break Through That Rock

The Impossible are No More

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You and I agree that some times LIFE shows UP with the true meaning of “The End” often, we give up and decide with the fate at our feet. Don’t be a joker life is full of options and if not, plan B, let the gone be, at 20 years or so, I hope you don’t want to think that you were housed in an aluminium plate in all your past life and now, your life “house” is glass? No. Let us be real, you are more stronger in every aspect today than you were a couple of years back. Friend! if they can’t go on, ask your self, “How much am I worth with out them?”, Don’t wither, it is your worth that matters here. It is Possible. Break through that Rock.